Film & Immersive Experience

Spektaklu is a multidisciplinary design collaboration on a mission to create a cinematic storytelling and immersive experience, connecting the global audience to the rich tapestry of narratives


01. Flavourscape

Part serious, part whimsical, this year's exhibition invites visitors to embark on a journey that challenges conventional thinking about the intricate relationship between food and landscape.

Exhibition   |   Participatory Design
A recurring theme in our city is the ongoing tension between progress and the preservation of rural areas. This tension serves as a constant reminder that the fate of our urban spaces is deeply intertwined with the fate of our farmlands, and vice versa. 

At this table, we pose questions that challenge convention: What flavour does this kinship between urban and rural areas carry? How can we actively shape this ever-evolving landscape? And perhaps most importantly, how can the principles of re-commoning be applied to enrich and transform our flavourscape.

02.   New Mersea Common

Architectural project designed with the community, at local and bioregional scales allows for multiple
futures for the New Mersea Commons.

Short Film    |   Participatory citizen science
The film acts as a catalyst for the introduction of participatory tools in relocation projects and investigates how approaches that involve people and operate at local scales allow for the preservation of traditional referents, while also creating resilient relocation strategies.

03.    Performances Of Authenticity

What role does performance play in normalizing the notion of architectural representation - aesthetic, social, and racial?

Essay Film   |   Animation
Stagecraft is a stagecraft

This film architecture exposes and critiques various forms of cadastral land interpretation. The proposal is a quasi-theatre-nuclear waste facility that behaves as a performative space, one that follows a crafted itinerary named ‘The Solemn Ceremony of Formosan Seven Feasts’. A strange world is described that sits between performance, theatre, and a radical and cathartic re-writing of history.