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Chiang Mai Design Week

Jatiphak Boonmun
Holly Harbour

Baan Lae Suan

Part serious, part whimsical, this year's exhibition invites visitors to embark on a journey that challenges conventional thinking about the intricate relationship between food and landscape. It delves into the dynamic and reciprocal connections that exist between urban and rural areas, emphasizing that these connections are far from static.


A recurring theme in our city is the ongoing tension between progress and the preservation of rural areas. This tension serves as a constant reminder that the fate of our urban spaces is deeply intertwined with the fate of our farmlands, and vice versa. This interdependence becomes evident when we consider critical issues such as food security, the dire consequences of severe air pollution, and the creation of urban heat islands. Our exhibition introduces the concept of "re-commoning." This posits a profound reevaluation of the role of the state and other hegemonic forces in shaping our landscape, suggesting a radical reclamation of land and material resources. It calls for the implementation of a sharing economy that bridges the gap between the rural landscape and the urban fabric.  Picture the banquet table as the focal point where all these diverse elements converge – distant valleys, culinary explorations, evolving agricultural practices, the origins of haze and the struggles of diasporic communities for land into a timeless narrative of food and landscape. At this table, we pose questions that challenge convention: What flavour does this kinship between urban and rural areas carry? How can we actively shape this ever-evolving landscape? And perhaps most importantly, how can the principles of re-commoning be applied to enrich and transform our flavourscape?

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