Soft & Wet

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MArch Part II
2020 - 2021
Jatiphak Boonmun 
Still from an animation Soft & Wet

By 2050, most of Bangkok will be submerged. Criticised by the IPCC during the climate conference for having a poorly written climate change mitigation plan, Bangkok is one of the fastest sinking cities alongside Venice. Such a problem calls for a solution for geoengineering strategies and policies that will save waterside ecology, and more importantly, address the zeitgeist of the people of Bangkok.

Reissuing a failed climate policy of the city and re-engage the nature through geoengineering

Soft & Wet is a proposal for the Geo-Engineering and Climate Research Centre of Bangkok. The proposal aims to re-establish Bangkok's relationship with water by reconnecting the gulf with the canal system and reclaiming the ecology using parrotfish's excrement for terra-formation.

The genesis of the study was extrapolated from the study of a Victorian-inspired Thai mural. Allowing the investigation to leap in and out of the epoch of the Colonisation of South East Asia and trace it back to the Victorian Romanticisation of nature. This is later articulated in the crypto-colony, a land between the colonised lands, where ecological awareness is deemed geographically contingent. The critique of such ideology is then rendered in the final film showing the ecological nostalgias and Bangkok in 2050 after the terra-alteration, depicted through an augmented landscape of allegories and symbolism.

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